Welcome to the website for the York County PA Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation. Our goal is to help our community to become healthier and more resilient through connecting people to local farmers, educating the public about the importance of whole foods and following a traditional diet, and advertising the services of healthcare providers who follow Weston Price principles in their practice.

If you are aware of farmers, services or providers who you would like to recommend to the community, please email their information to yorkwapf@gmail.com

We encourage you to get connected to this community of people who are seeking better health for themselves and the Earth by attending our free monthly meetings at Leg Up Farmer’s Market on the fourth Saturday of every month. We meet in the second floor conference room from 3-4pm. There is a topic presented every month followed by a time for sharing and asking questions. If you would like to suggest a topic, or to present a topic which you are interested in, please email yorkwapf@gmail.com

To join our mailing list for reminders of upcoming meetings and events, please send an email to yorkwapf@gmail.com with Mailing List in the subject line.