About Us

The York Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation became active in 2015 and began having regular chapter meetings in September 2016. We hope to provide our community with opportunities for education and connection to strengthen our health and resilience.

Weston A Price, DDS was a dentist who practiced in the early part of the 20th century. He was shocked to see the amount of tooth decay and facial deformities in his patients and believed that humans were designed to have perfect health. He theorized that something in our environment must be standing in the way. Dr. Price and his wife travelled the world to study the lifestyles and diets of traditional societies who had not adopted the western practices of eating refined flour, sugar, canned foods, etc. He was able to find common practices across these societies that coincided with healthy teeth and broad faces with straight teeth and wide jaws. Once these societies began to be effected by the western traditions, he could reliably see a decline in their health and physical stature in the next generation. Dr. Price published the results of his research in his groundbreaking book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, in 1939.

Dr. Price was passionate about improving the health of his patients and believed that education was crucial. He is quoted as saying “you teach!” when he was near the end of his life in 1948. The Weston A Price Foundation is dedicated to furthering his mission and continues to sponsor research to enhance the lives of people around the world. You can visit them at http://www.westonaprice.org

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