Our modern diets are largely devoid of minerals due to the poor mineral content of our soils, as well as the refined and processed nature of many of our foods. Even when we do consume adequate minerals in whole foods (bone broth, nettles, organ meats, unrefined salt, fermented foods, colorful vegetables, etc), many obstacles to absorption can prevent these building blocks of life to be incorporated into our own physiology. For instance, a lack of fat soluble vitamins (like A, D and K) prevent the glands from regulating the appropriate balance and uptake of minerals. A irritated or inflamed intestinal lining, and low hydrochloric acid content (high pH) of the stomach can also prevent the breakdown of foods to release the mineral ions so that they can be absorbed. Did you know that Magnesium is such a crucial mineral (it’s actually a metal!) that it is used in nearly every process that occurs in the body! Everything from DNA transcription to the production of ATP molecules in metabolism, magnesium is a critical mineral-and almost every American is deficient! To find out ways to ensure that you are getting enough minerals and that your body is able to assimilate them, come to our next Chapter meeting this Saturday, February 25, at 3:00pm in the second floor conference room of the Leg Up Farmer’s Market. See you there!

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