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Saturday, October 25 Chapter Meeting: 10am to 1pm

Dave Wetzel from Green Pasture

The History of Fermented Cod Liver Oil and High Vitamin Butter Oil

The pinnacle of dentist Dr. Weston Price’s work was the discovery of the synergic effect of High Vitamin Butter oil and Cod Liver Oil to heal cavities.  Green Pasture, a family owned business founded by Dave and Barb Wetzel in 2000, now makes High Vitamin Butter Oil the way Dr. Price made it and a Fermented Cod Liver Oil as it was made prior to the industrial revolution. Dave Wetzel will tell the story of the struggle to bring forth a cod liver oil made as it has been throughout history intertwined with today’s industrialized expectations of a 21st century market place.

To learn more about fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil, check out these websites from bloggers who use these products:

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Sandrine Love at Nourishing Our Children


10:00am – Fermented cod liver oil tasting & vendors of WAPF friendly foods
10:45am – Announcements & potluck lunch
11:30am – Dave Wetzel’s Presentation

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2014 Meeting dates:

December 6 – Elizabeth Yarnell

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Andre of Jacob Springs Farm with Chapter Leaders Betsy with her two daughters and Mindy.

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