The London & Area WAPF Chapter has been in existence since 2010. Over the years, there have been a variety of meetings and activities. Together, we have learned to make yoghurt, kefir, kvass and cheese!  We have visited a local farmer and learned the art of making cabbage sauerkraut. We have tasted olives and olive oil with samples provided by an olive oil importer. We have lacto-fermented carrots, beans, and pickles. We have car-pooled to hear the presentation of raw milk advocate, Michael Schmidt. We have gathered together in livingrooms to watch the recordings from the Wise Traditions Conferences. We have used our strength of numbers to make group purchases of cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil. And, most importantly, we have met like-minded individuals who have shared their knowledge, resources and friendship to support us on our journeys.

The London & Area Chapter is currently in need of a Chapter Leader. This position can be held by an individiual or may be shared by two or three people. The Chapter Leader’s primary responsibility is to maintain a list of local resources. Time permitting, Leaders also arrange other activities, meetings , group purchases, or simply sharing of health articles.  If you would like to volunteer as Chapter Leader, please contact the Weston Price Foundation.

Meetings and activities, when scheduled, are always open to everyone.

Meeting participants are not required to join the Weston Price Foundation, but are strongly encouraged to do so.  Membership is $50 per year.  This fee provides important financial support for research projects.  Membership also includes quarterly issues of the highly informative Wise Traditions journal. If you are not already a member, please consider becoming one.

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