Local Resources

Will this list ever be complete?  Probably not, as new and old vendors come, go and even change products.  Therefore, be sure to check back regularly for updates.  Let us know of helpful changes and potential additions to this list.  Use the “Resource Submission Form” link below to do this.

Disclaimer: I have NOT visited or patronized each of these resources. Therefore, each individual must further inquire and decide for themselves what items to purchase based on their own personal tastes and expectations.  Use sample “Questions for Farmers/Vendors” to conduct further investigation.

DairyIn the DMV area, COW SHARES are the ONLY legal resources for the purchase of raw milk.  Please DO NOT call with requests for raw milk as you will only be referred back to these resources.  If you wish to have access to ample sources of raw milk and raw milk products, visit the Real Milk Campaign and do your part in making it legal.  Furthermore, I suggest you support the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Pasture-Fed Meats

Farms/Farmer’s Markets

Co-ops/Buying Clubs – many of these require referrals.  If interested, contact me for further information.

Commercial Markets



Do It Yourself Resources

What’s in Season?

Questionnaire for Farmers/Vendors

Helpful Websites

Resource Submission Form

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