WAPF recommends the consumption of raw milk and milk products from livestock raised by WAPF-recommended standards. Depending upon where you live, the laws for obtaining raw milk vary (visit realmilk.org for more information about the campaign for raw milk). If you would like to get further information, feel free to contact me.

In the DMV area, COW SHARES are the ONLY legal resources for the purchase of raw milk.  Please DO NOT call with requests for raw milk as you will only be referred back to these resources.  If you wish to have access to ample sources of raw milk and raw milk products, visit the Real Milk Campaign and do your part in making it legal.  Furthermore, I suggest you support the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

The Let’s Legalize It: The Real Milk Song

Cowgirl Creamery – sells milk and milk products pasteurized at minimal levels.  They do carry other vendor’s raw milk cheeses.  Contact at (202) 393-6880 or visit www.cowgirlcreamery.com.

COW SHARES – In neighboring states like Virginia & Pennsylvania, individuals are permitted to own cow shares. By doing so, you actually own a portion of a cow and are entitled to the unprocessed milk from that cow, therefore, you are not buying  milk.  Your fees are directly related to the purchase of and care for your percentage of the cow.  For more information, each cow share farmer provides details surrounding their operation.  Some even offer delivery options to more local points within their state.

Hedgebrook Farm – Winchester, VA:  Purebred Jerseys, never given hormones, pasture-fed 3/4 of the year on untreated grass.  During winter, cows are given silage (corn/hay), some grown right on Hedgebrook Farm.  Cows are not given any soy or cottonseed oil.  Antibiotics are given ONLY in the event of life threatening emergencies and never as a preventive method from illness.

Miller’s Biodiversity Farm – Private Club Membership.  Large assortment of nutrient dense, farm-fresh foods for pick up or UPS delivery (dairy, grass-fed & finished meats, fermented vegetables, crispy nuts, etc.). (717-806-0392 – tell him you were referred by DC Chapter of WAPF).

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