Two Sparrows Farm

1. Name of farm: Two Sparrows Farm

2. Farmer’s/Farm Family name: Dan & Whitney Belprez

3. Street address: 9370 Columbia Hwy

4. City: Eaton Rapids

5. State (2-letter abbreviation): MI

6. Zip: 48827

7. Phone number: 517-214-7447

8. Email:

9. Website:

Type of Farm/Farm Practices

10. Are you Certified Organic? No

11. Are you Certified Biodynamic? No

12. If you are not Certified Organic, do you use organic production methods? Yes

13. Do you use synthetic fertilizers? No

14. Do you use any of the following: nonorganic pesticides, herbicides, parasiticides, or fungicides? No

Animal Husbandry

15. Do you keep livestock? Yes

16. What animals do you keep?

Chickens (list breeds):

Ducks (list breeds):

Turkeys (list breeds): American Bronze

Other Poultry (list type and breeds):

Cows (list breeds): Jersey, Holstein, Swedish Red & White

Goats (list breeds):

Pigs (list breeds): Berkshire

Sheep (list breeds):

Other Animals (list type and breeds):

17. Do you use antibiotics? No

18. Are the animals pasture-fed? Yes

19. How much and for how long: 7 months of exclusive grazing per year

20. Do you practice managed grazing? Yes

21. Do you apply compost or compost tea? Yes

22. Do you apply other soil amendments? No

23. Do you use supplemental feed?

For poultry (list type):

For cows, sheep, and/or goats (list type): Non-GMO, locally grown dairy ration (supplemental)

For pigs (list type): Non-GMO, locally grown grower

Raw Milk

24. Do you supply raw milk? Yes

25. Do you keep your barn and milk room clean? Yes

26. Do you keep the cows clean/teats washed? Yes

27. Do you thoroughly wash your milking equipment after every milking? Yes

28. Are cows with mastitis or other health problems excluded from milking? Yes

29. Are cows tested for disease? Yes
Which tests, and how often: We run BVD, leukosis and Johne’s screenings when cows join the herd.

30. Is the milk routinely tested for pathogens, coliform count? Yes
Which tests, and how often: Every 6 weeks we send samples to a food safety lab to test for coliform, somatic cell count and aerobic plate count. We also send milk to AntelBio to check for the 16 most common pathogens that cause issues in herd and human health (e. coli, listeria, salmonella, etc.) We also do components (lactose, fat, protein) 4 times a year through Universal Labs.

31. Is the farm water routinely tested? No

32. Are milk and milk products kept well chilled? Yes

33. Other/Explain (list any other routine practices, or explain any of your answers above?

Butchering Practices

34. Do you sell milk? Yes

35. Meat butchered at a USDA-certified or state-certified abattoir? Yes

36. Meat butchered on the farm? Yes

37. Describe or explain any butchering practices: We prefer to have animals killed by our on-farm butcher but sometimes take them to a state-licenses facility if he’s unavailable.

Farm Products

38. Please check off the products you sell and list current prices

Raw whole milk: $25 annual lease
$7/gallon or $3.50/half gallon per week boarding fees
$5/month delivery fee

Raw butter:

Raw cream:

Raw ice cream:

Raw sour cream:

Raw yogurt:

Raw kefir:

Raw cottage cheese:


Cheese (list types):

Other dairy (list):

Beef/veal: $4.99/lb hanging weight for quarters/halves/whole

Pork: $3.75/lb {hanging weight} for whole hog, $3.89/lb for half hog



Other meat:




Other poultry:

Eggs (list type, chicken, duck, etc) :


Produce (list typical offerings):

Prepared foods (list typical offerings):


Additional Information

39. Do you only sell animals that are raised on your farm at the address listed?

39a. Details:

40. Are the animals born on your farm at the address listed? Yes

40a. Details:

41. Do you ever purchase animals from auctions or from your processor or do you ever buy parts from your processor (whole pork bellies…)? No

41a. Details:
[textarea farm_41a]

42. Do you personally attend to your animals at least once a day or do you hire help or farmers to do that for you? Personally Attend

42a. Details:
[textarea farm_42a]

43. Do you purchase pre-mixed feed from an elevator or do you grind your own? Grind Own

43a. Details:
[textarea farm_43a]

44. Where can customers find you? (check all that apply):

44a. Details:
[textarea farm_44a]

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