Woodbridge Dairy Farm

1. Name of farm: Woodbridge Dairy Farm LLC.

2. Farmer’s/Farm Family name: Karin Uebbing

3. Street address: 1050 Woodbridge St. SW

4. City: Byron Center

5. State (2-letter abbreviation): MI

6. Zip: 49315

7. Phone number: (616)896-7836

8. Email: wbdairy@me.com

9. Website: http://woodbridgedairyfarm.com

Type of Farm/Farm Practices

10. Are you Certified Organic? No

11. Are you Certified Biodynamic? No

12. If you are not Certified Organic, do you use organic production methods? Yes

13. Do you use synthetic fertilizers? No

14. Do you use any of the following: nonorganic pesticides, herbicides, parasiticides, or fungicides? No

Animal Husbandry

15. Do you keep livestock? Yes

16. What animals do you keep?

Chickens (list breeds): Rangers, Cornish Cross, Americanas, Welsummers, Some breed someone dropped off on farm.

Ducks (list breeds): Pekins, Cauga, Welsh Harlequin, Runners, Silver Appleyards, Goldens, Campbells, Brown Barn Yard Ducks, the turkey hatches. Some breed someone dropped off on farm.

Turkeys (list breeds): Chocolate, Bourbon Red

Other Poultry (list type and breeds): Coturnix Quail, Pilgrim Geese

Cows (list breeds): Holstein, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Jersey, Milking short horn, Most aren’t pure, except the buglland Michelle, the Jeresy. The ladies of the barn are cross bred to be healthy and efficient on pasture.

Goats (list breeds): None

Pigs (list breeds): English Large Black (great pasture pig)

Sheep (list breeds): None

Other Animals (list type and breeds):

17. Do you use antibiotics? Yes

18. Are the animals pasture-fed? Yes

19. How much and for how long: As soon as they can go out and for as long as they can be there.

20. Do you practice managed grazing? Yes

21. Do you apply compost or compost tea? Yes

22. Do you apply other soil amendments? Yes

23. Do you use supplemental feed?

For poultry (list type): Yes, I buy certified NON-GMO feed from a local feed mill. During the winter mostly. Birds run free and eat whatever they want in the warmer seasons.
Meat birds are in tractors and also get this grain too. They get to move every 12 hours. Ducks get corn, oyster shells and kelp during the winter. When I do have to lock the birds down they have a 1/2 acre pasture to be in.

For cows, sheep, and/or goats (list type): Corn and Corn silage, mineral mix, balelage, dry hay, all grown by us except for the mineral mix. If we do buy grain its NON-GMO. They are out on pasture too.

For pigs (list type): Milk, Non-GMO Corn, hay, and pasture.

Raw Milk

24. Do you supply raw milk? Yes

25. Do you keep your barn and milk room clean? Yes

26. Do you keep the cows clean/teats washed? Yes

27. Do you thoroughly wash your milking equipment after every milking? Yes

28. Are cows with mastitis or other health problems excluded from milking? Yes

29. Are cows tested for disease? Yes
Which tests, and how often: Johnes testing- 1/yr (we are johnes free)
DHIA testing- 1/mo
TB testing- 3/yr

30. Is the milk routinely tested for pathogens, coliform count? Yes
Which tests, and how often: Salmonella, Listra, Ecoli 0157H7, Campilobactor, plate counts, SCC count – 1/mo

31. Is the farm water routinely tested? Yes

32. Are milk and milk products kept well chilled? Yes

33. Other/Explain (list any other routine practices, or explain any of your answers above? We use antibiotics only as a last resort to help a sick animal. We do not feed antibiotics to our animals.

Butchering Practices

34. Do you sell milk? Yes

35. Meat butchered at a USDA-certified or state-certified abattoir? Yes

36. Meat butchered on the farm? Yes

37. Describe or explain any butchering practices: I butcher ducks, chickens, and turkeys for personal use. I have a mobile butcher come out to butcher steers or pigs if purchased whole by customer. I use Kapenga Farms Poultry Processing to butcher all birds sold to the public.

Farm Products

38. Please check off the products you sell and list current prices

Raw whole milk: Herd Shares are available for on farm only.


Please note it is illegal to sell raw milk in the state of Michigan. Which is why we choose to offer a herd share for those who would like the benefits of drinking fresh unprocessed whole milk. Owning your own cows allows you to make all the things listed below legally.

Raw butter: illegal in Michigan without a license

Raw cream: illegal in Michigan without a license

Raw ice cream: illegal in Michigan without a license

Raw sour cream: illegal in Michigan without a license

Raw yogurt: illegal in Michigan without a license

Raw kefir: illegal in Michigan without a license

Raw cottage cheese: illegal in Michigan without a license


Cheese (list types):

Other dairy (list):

Beef/veal: Grass fed beef & Rose Veal (seasonal)
go to website for pricing


Pork: Milk fed pork
go to website for pricing


Goat/kid: none

Mutton/lamb: none

Other meat: Bison coming this summer 2106

Chicken: whole ranger chicken
whole cornish cross chicken
cornish game hens


Duck: whole duck

Turkey: only available in the Meat CSA


Other poultry:

Eggs (list type, chicken, duck, etc) : Duck eggs, Chicken eggs, Quail eggs, Goose eggs, Turkey eggs

Eggs are a seasonal item. Birds lay more in the spring then the winter, as they are light orientated.

Honey: None

Produce (list typical offerings): None

Prepared foods (list typical offerings): None

Other: We are offering a Meat CSA for 2016, go to the website for more information.


Additional Information

39. Do you only sell animals that are raised on your farm at the address listed?

39a. Details:
With the exception of the Bison raised less then a mile from the farm. I purchased one animal for 2016 market season.

40. Are the animals born on your farm at the address listed? Yes

40a. Details:
Every thing is born and raised on farm. Exceptions to that is poultry is purchased from a hatchery.

41. Do you ever purchase animals from auctions or from your processor or do you ever buy parts from your processor (whole pork bellies…)? No

41a. Details:
[textarea farm_41a]

42. Do you personally attend to your animals at least once a day or do you hire help or farmers to do that for you? Personally Attend

42a. Details:
[textarea farm_42a]

43. Do you purchase pre-mixed feed from an elevator or do you grind your own? Purchase

43a. Details:
[textarea farm_43a]

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