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Food Standards Agency Consultation: The Future of Raw Milk

Posted on 03/14/14 by WAPF London

The Food Standards Agency is consulting on the future of raw milk regulations and wants to hear your views on the subject.

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Help A Local Independent Dairy Farm Stay Alive

Posted on 03/12/14 by WAPF London

Now undergoing a forced relocation and facing financial danger, Foot Dairy are reaching out for support to help them survive and continue providing their loyal customers with the highest quality raw milk and pasture-fed beef available.

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Weston A. Price at CAM Conference on Cardiovascular Health

Posted on 03/10/14 by WAPF London

Director of the annual Weston A. Price Foundation’s European conference, Philip Ridley, will be delivering his talk ‘Cholesterol, the essential sterol for heart health’ at this Saturday’s CAM conference on cardiovascular health.

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Spotlight Interviews: ‘Nourishing traditions Weston A. Price style’

Posted on 02/27/14 by WAPF London

The latest Spotlight Interview, with author, presenter, and columnist Janey Lee Grace will feature reports taken live from this year’s brilliant Weston A. Price European conference in London.

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European Conference: Programme Changes & Updates

Posted on 02/06/14 by WAPF London

With the fourth Weston A. Price Foundation European conference only days away things are getting really exciting! We would like to take this oppurtunity to not just to notify our visitors on a couple of programme changes, also introducing three new treatments available and a brilliant new talk which will help incorporate all the knowledge available at the conference into your daily lives.

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Super Sunday at Wise Traditions London, 8-9 Feb

Posted on 02/04/14 by WAPF London

Expect a huge variety of exciting opportunities including talks on starting a micro bakery, keeping your own bees, goats, and rabbits, sourdough bread, fermented foods, primal posture and primal fitness workshops and another chance to visit our extensive exhibition, treatment rooms and real food cafe.

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Food Standards Agency Attempt Further Restrictions On The Sale of Raw Milk – Act Now!

Posted on 02/01/14 by WAPF London

The British government’s Food Standards Agency will recommend in a consultation document, that the sale of raw milk in outlets, including vending machines or dispensers in shops, should remain illegal.

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American headline speakers at WAPF London 2014, 8-9 Feb

Posted on 01/30/14 by WAPF London

This year at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s fourth European Conference we are pleased to welcome and announce Weston A. Price Foundation President Sally Fallon Morell, and Nutritional Science expert Chris Masterjohn PhD amongst our extensive list of speakers.

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Weston A. Price & GAPS Café: 2014 European Conference Menu

Posted on 01/25/14 by WAPF London

Our 500sqm Weston A. Price & GAPS Café provides guests the perfect place to sit, relax and discuss the days events with others over a selection of delicious, tantillising dishes.

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Seagreens, 20% discount at WAPF Conference, London, England, 8-9 Feb

Posted on 01/20/14 by WAPF London

This year at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s fourth European Conference we are pleased to welcome and announce Seagreens, Europe’s leading organic wild seaweed food brand, as a proud sponsor of the event.

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