January 15, 2015: Homeoprophylaxis with Deborah Landowne

Deborah Landowne (of Marin Homeopathy) drew a large crowd of people interested in homeopathy and vaccines. About 50 people brought a wide array of delicious potluck dishes that were devoured quickly!

Over time there have been recommendations for more and more vaccinations. In the 1950s, the first public health campaign for vaccines required polio, smallpox, and DPT. Then measles, mumps and rubella were added. In 2014, there were many more. Thirty-six doses (to prevent 16 diseases) in first year of life were recommended. Up to age 18, it was recommended children get 72 doses (to prevent 18 diseases). And there are many more in the pipeline.

Increasingly children are experiencing vaccine injuries (e.g., autism and neurological problems) and chronic illnesses (e.g., allergies, developmental issues, and speech impediments) that may be caused by vaccines. The United States is the most heavily vaccinated country in the world and pharmaceutical companies are developing even more vaccines.

When a body gets sick, two parts of the immune system are activated. The general immune system (creates a fever, localizes an infection, creates discharges such as mucus, cough, diarrhea and sweat) and the specific response (antibody production). We need both systems to function in balance. If the normal disease process is interrupted, the disease can remain in the body unresolved if the immune system can’t clear it out.

In normal childhood development, the immune system takes twelve years to fully develop. It works together with the digestive function,  neurological function, intellectual discrimination, personality and social development. Since these are all connected (and since 70-80% of our immune system is in our gut) if it’s not functioning well it affects all of these systems.

Vaccine’s and homeopathy’s goals are the same: to stimulate immunity to protect from disease (using biological ingredients derived from the actual disease).

With vaccines, the immune system is skewed toward antibody production. General immunity is stifled so the body can’t truly eliminate the vaccine’s biological ingredients. These illnesses can be left in the body since there hasn’t been the normal immune cycle. Additionally, toxicity from the adjuvents in the vaccines (such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde) can produce secondary damages (e.g., neurological problems and autoimmune diseases).

With homeoprophylaxis, the body learns what it was like to have the disease without the suffering of the disease.  In the process of homeopathic attenuation (instead of growing the disease in the host animal and using other adjuvents as in vaccines) a pure disease agent such as pus, mucus or discharge is taken and made so dilute that it’s not contagious but still has an energetic frequency of the disease. When you take the remedy, the body behaves as if it has the disease, and then after a brief time, the frequency passes out of the body. The process using homeopathy to protect from disease is called homeoprophylaxis. There are many large studies showing the effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis.

This presentation was offered on behalf of Free and Healthy Children International, an organization whose goals are to protect children’s immune systems by promoting normal immune system development and to educate practitioners in homeoprophylaxis. They offer a 44-month program to train the immune system against pertussis, pneumonia, polio, hemophilis, tetanus, meningitis, mumps and measles.

By Karen Hamilton-Roth