November 22, 2015: Turmeric Kraut Demo with Trish Carty

Trish Carty, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner of Keep The Beet, demonstrated a delicious turmeric sauerkraut for us!

From her blog, she says that “with the process of lacto-fermentation, vitamins, minerals and enzymes are greatly enhanced and are immediately bio-available after ingesting these probiotic-rich foods. The process of including these probiotic whole foods is so important for you on a daily basis to support digestion and so much more. Turmeric has been known to bring down inflammation, support cancer and much more.” She has an upcoming book!

Here is a link to Trish’s recipe: Turmeric Sauerkraut

We had some tasty snacks ~ homemade sprouted hummus with crudite, chicken liver pate made with bacon fat,  Good Faith Farm olives, dehydrated persimmon chips, crispy nuts and dried fruit, fresh strawberries and homemade apple soda.

And three people became members of the Weston A. Price Foundation today! Thank you all!

By Karen Hamilton-Roth