April 12, 2015: Fluoride in the Water

Fluoride in Marin County Water SupplyWe had a wonderfully intimate gathering for the fluoride presentation by Mary Larkin, a nutrition consultant and freelance travel director. Mary presented some very compelling stories and interesting facts and we had the opportunity to have lots of discussion since both Suzan Hahn, a local dentist, and Lauren Ayers, former Sonoma County WAPF chapter leader and fluoride activist, knew a great deal about the fluoride issue as well.

Currently, Marin County water is being fluoridated with HFA, hydrofluorosilicic acid (a waste byproduct of phosphate fertilizer manufacturing). This is being added to our water as a method of providing fluoride treatments to our children to prevent tooth decay. Thus it is being put into our water to have a medical effect on our bodies and is being used as a drug.  However, HFA has not been approved by the FDA and they classify hydrofluorsilicic acid as an unapproved drug.  We are being medicated with each sip of water without our individual consent, without dosage control and without medical oversight by the MMWD Board Members, and none of them have a medical license.

Additionally, fluoride is a known enzyme inhibitor and hastens aging. It interferes with the messaging for hormones, causes damage to the brain and decreases IQ in children, increases arthritis symptoms, gets stored in bones and teeth and causes damage to every organ. It also calcifies the pineal gland.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, 41% of teenagers between the ages of 12 -15 years, who drink fluoridated water, have dental fluorosis, which is the first visible sign of whole body fluoride poisoning. While the damage to teeth is irreversible, avoiding fluoride will stop the accumulating health effects of chronic exposure.

Even the mainstream medical authorities say that any beneficial effect of fluoride is from topical application and not from ingestion.  Water fluoridation is Not safe, Not effective, and Not ethical.

Mary suggested some dietary steps to help protect ourselves from the effects of fluoride in addition to avoiding unfiltered city water: eating a WAPF diet ~ plenty of good fats, organ meats, bone broth, raw full fat dairy from pastured animals, eggs, wild, clean seafood, iodine and sulfur rich foods, lactofermented foods and beverages, cod liver oil with high vitamin butter oil, and good quality sea salt. Selenium is helpful for detoxing fluoride and turmeric decreases the toxic effects in the brain.  There are more helpful methods for ridding the body of fluoride that can be found on the internet.

The MMWD tells us that they must fluoridate our water for 2 reasons.  1) They say they are bound by the 1995 CA state water fluoridation mandate; and 2) because of the Marin County water fluoridation ordinance that resulted from the 1972 and 1978 votes.

However, the truth is the MMWD Board could take a vote now to pass an ordinance to end water fluoridation in Marin.

They are NOT bound by the 1995 Ca State mandate because the CA State Water fluoridation mandate states that 100 % of the money paying for WF and all related costs must come from “outside” money.  MMWD real estate revenue is paying for water fluoridation in Marin because Mary Casey designated it as the needed “separate income” (according to the mandate) to pay for water fluoridation.  But the mandate does not require the MMWD to do their accounting this way.  Furthermore, all of MMWD income is co-mingled so there is no way to distinguish one source of revenue from another.  The Board never voted to volunteer MMWD real estate revenue to pay for water fluoridation in Marin.  They could vote to stop financing water fluoridation in Marin.

The MMWD is also not bound by the Marin County water fluoridation ordinance because hydrofluorosilicic acid is an unapproved drug.  Therefore, the MMWD are in violation of the Marin County water fluoridation ordinance.

Thank you, Mary, for all the hard work you are doing to stop water fluoridation in Marin County. And thank you to everyone who participated! I learned a lot and enjoyed the lively engaging discussion we had!

When In Doubt, Keep It Out

Sonoma Valley’s Lauren Ayers, founder of Fluoride-Free Sonoma County

For more information, please see the Fluoride Action Network, www.fluoridealert.org, and read The Case Against Fluoride by Dr. Paul Connett, and The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson.

Our website and petition in Marin is www.SafeWaterMarin.org.

By Karen Hamilton-Roth & Mary Larkin