December 3, 2017: Food, Mood and Fermentation

Please join us for a fun presentation on Food, Mood and Fermentation by Mary Sheila Gonnella, NC of Occidental Nutrition. The food we eat (or don’t eat) plays a significant role in our gut health, microbiome, mood, cravings, and metabolic balance. Learn about the interconnectedness of our second brain (our Gastrointestinal Tract) and how ferments can play a role in balancing metabolism and brain chemistry, including our mood, sleep, and cravings.

Mary Sheila’s clinical focus is on supporting clients restore metabolic balance, regulate their mood, stabilize body weight, and support and restore optimal digestion and health. With a background in Holistic Nutrition, Clinical Ayurveda, Adrenal Support and Amino Acid Therapy, Mary Sheila’s approach combines these modalities to create a unique supportive experience for her clients and class participants. Her way of bringing nutrition alive, simplifying complex concepts, and showing how food meets physiology leads her clients to consistently successful outcomes.