February 23, 2014: Energy Medicine with Connie Prodromou

Connie Prodromou Marin WAPF PotluckWhat a fun potluck we had on Sunday! About 25 people came from San Francisco, Marin and Sonoma County to see Connie Prodromou talk about energy medicine, muscle testing and acupuncture.

Connie says that she used to be a workers comp auditor. When she was in her 30’s she had multiple health issues ~ digestion problems, headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, allergic to everything, and sick all the time. Her doctors told her that there was nothing wrong with her and her problems were because she was getting older.
Those reasons didn’t feel right to her so she decided to look for different solutions. After seeing an NAET practitioner for a couple of months, she started feeling better!  It helped so much that she decided to go to acupuncture school even though her brother told her that it was all in her head. She furthered her education with classes in muscle testing, Bioset, Neuromodulation Technique and Intuition Medicine. She’s found that when using these multiple modalities, energetic balance is restored and the healing of her patients is accelerated.

Connie taught us some techniques for muscle testing. These techniques provide feedback from the subconscious mind. With this information, we can make choices that are in tune with our own bodies’ needs.

Everyone brought delicious food for the potluck lunch! We had chicken liver pie, Wild West kraut, broccoli blossom/lentil salad, kimchi, guacamole with chips, garbanzos in olive oil, grapes, bacon-wrapped dates, chicken liver pate, crustless spinach quiche, meatballs, homemade kraut with seaweed, ginger and parsley, filsmjolk, deviled eggs, etc! Yum!

Thanks again to Joy for providing the space!

By Karen Hamilton-Roth