October 17, 2013: Personal Stories

We had a lovely intimate gathering last night with lively conversation and delicious food! We ate wonderful salads, spiced cauliflower rice with peas, crustless quiche with bacon and cream, sourdough bread with butter and apple cobbler. yummmmmmm…..

Joy shared her inspiring story of healing from Graves’ Disease. Thank you, Joy! What stood out for me in her talk was that even though she’s not completely symptom-free, she’s so much healthier than before. She reminded me that healing is a process and that it takes patience and time. And that when she chooses to eat something that may not be the best for her body, she tells herself that this food will be healthy and nourishing for her body. Love that!

In the midst of our conversations Maureen reminded us that everyone, not just the chapter leaders, is responsible for passing on the wisdom of this nourishing lifestyle. She suggested that everyone have a few brochures to pass on to interested folks so we can continue to spread Weston Price’s message. His last words were “You teach, you teach, you teach!” If you’d like to have a few brochures, let me know! I should be getting more soon.

Last night’s gathering was one of my favorites. The intimacy, conversation and sharing of stories make my vision of community come alive! Thank you, everyone!!

By Karen Hamilton-Roth