Recipe: How To Render Fat

Here is a picture sequence of how to render fat.

The oven was set at 225 degrees F. I poured off the first round of fat after 45 minutes and the second and third after 45 minutes each. Sprinkle the cracklings with salt and put on a salad, veggies or soup! Yum! I’m going to use some of the first pour off for tallow balm and soap-making and the rest for cooking. Enjoy!

Lamb fat from the butcher. Tip: make sure the fat is super cold before cutting and putting in food processor.

Chopped lamb fat

In the food processor

After grinding in the food processor

Ready for the oven at 225 degrees

After 45 minutes, some of the fat has melted.

Pouring the fat through a fine mesh strainer


The lovely rendered fat. I will break it up into pieces after it cools and hardens then store in the freezer.


~ Karen Hamilton-Roth