November 6-10, 2014: Pearls from the 2014 Wise Traditions Conference

Wise Traditions 2014

This year’s conference in Indianapolis was an event brimming with fabulous speakers, delicious food, inspiring talks and friendly faces. I was surrounded by 1040 of my peeps!! It’s such a large event that it’s difficult to summarize so I will share a few pearls from some of the talks I attended.

WAPF Chapter Leader Meeting

Sally Fallon talked about the WAPF mission:

  • To provide accurate nutritional educational information not influenced by corporations or the government
  • Provide access to nutrient-dense food
  • Perform research on nutrient-dense food
  • Activism to make nutrient-dense food more available
  • Encouragement and support to those working to improve their diets

She talked about what the WAPF teaches:

  • Fat-soluble activators ~ A, D, K
  • Raw milk
  • Soy dangers
  • Healthy fats
  • Flaws in the cholesterol theory of heart disease and the dangers of low cholesterol diets
  • Bone broths
  • Proper preparation of grains
  • Lacto-fermented foods
  • Preparation for childbirth and spacing

She talked about why to join the Weston Price Foundation. Over half of their income comes from $35-$40 yearly memberships! If you aren’t a member, please join!

In February, there will be a new more affordable way to learn about the principles of healthy diets. They plan to hold one-day seminars for $35. The seminar will include Sally talking about traditional diets and the oiling of America, lunch, then ending with health tips.

The Restaurant Rating Project is being launched!  The Weston A. Price Foundation is planning a new website that helps people find restaurants that serve real food. Restaurants will be judged by certain criteria, for example:

  • Makes own bone broths/stocks
  • Makes their own salad dressings using olive or cold-pressed sesame oil
  • Cooks/sautés in natural fats, such as butter, lard, tallow, duck fat, coconut oil
  • Offers genuine sourdough bread
  • Offers lacto-fermented condiments

New conference recordings library! It’s like Netflix for Weston Price. There are 10 years of Weston Price talks. It will cost $149/year for access.

You can purchase them here:

Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome

Natasha Campbell-McBride’s all day talk was inspirational.

  • All disease begins in the gut.
  • 90% of all cells and genetic material in our body is gut flora
  • Our culture is killing the soil ~ upsetting the balance of species – bacteria, viruses, nematodes, etc. Plants aren’t thriving because the soil is dead. The microscopic view of the gut looks the same as soil and plants.
  • Our gut is the size of a tennis court!
  • Nature works on cooperation – not survival of the fittest
  • Today 1 in 40 kids born are autistic. It’s predicted that by 2020 1 in 2 will be born autistic.
  • Treatment of GAPS patients include diet, supplements, detoxification, sunbathing

The Art of Eating Without Harm

I found Konstantin Monastyrsky entertaining and controversial.

Three damaging things to health:

  • Fiber
  • Water
  • Eating breakfast

His number one rule for eating without harm is to respect your roots/ancestors.

Eat only when relaxed.

Snacking isn’t good because of the impact on blood sugar.

He skips breakfast, eats white rice with butter for lunch, then a protein and starch/veggie for dinner. Using a microwave is fine ~ it’s only bad if you stick your head in it.

His website is

The Health Secret of All Indigenous People

Tom Cowan asked the question, “How do indigenous people think? What is their world view?”

He compared those who have deep knowledge of the world (asking the ancestors for answers) versus the scientific method. People who believe in science have depleted our soils and made our world toxic. People who know and talk to their ancestors took care of the earth.

He recommended reading the book, Dreams, by Derek Jensen.

He also talked about structured water.  The fourth phase of water is water in living things.  Vortex movement is the best way to structure water.

Deuterium-depleted water is used in cancer clinics in Hungary. He described how to make your own deuterium-depleted water.

Denise Minger talked about her book, Death by Food Pyramid at the Saturday banquet dinner. Her story was very inspiring. I look forward to reading her book!

Cardiovascular, Periodontal Disease and Sugar Metabolism

Thomas Lokensgard said that silent inflammation is the cause of 80% of all chronic degenerative disease.

  • Recommended the book, Healing is Voltage by Jerry Tennant.
  • Ideal fasting glucose is 77. Ideal HgA1C is 5.4.
  • Triglycerides are the biggest risk for coronary artery disease in women.
  • Recommended increasing magnesium and many other supplements.
  • Suggested checking out

Treating SIBO with Traditional Foods

Allison Siebecker said that food poisoning is a common cause of SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).  Other causes are Clostridium difficile infections, diabetes, etc.

  • SIBO causes carbohydrate malabsorption. Fiber worsens SIBO.
  • Recommends eating only every 4-5 hours to allow the migrating motor complex (the “housecleaning wave”) to do it’s job.
  • Diet is key ~ Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Gut and Psychology Diet, Low FODMAP, Cedars-Sinai Low Fermentation Diet, SIBO Specific Diet are options.
  • Chewing properly is very important as well as managing stress.

Reviving Health Through Gentle Detoxification

Kim Schuette recommended eliminating all toxic products.

  • Diet should include plenty of good quality fat; moderate protein; generous amount of non-starchy veggies; lacto-fermented veggies and beet kvass; half your weight converted to ounces of water daily.
  • Liver tonics include beet kvass, dandelion tea and burdock root tea.
  • Other detox methods include dry brushing, rebounding, oil pulling, castor oil packs, coffee enemas, liver/gallbladder flushes and saunas.

My Own Health Secrets

At the closing ceremony, Sally Fallon talked about the importance of three good meals/day to avoid the blood sugar roller coaster. She suggests no snacking to get your body on a rhythm of regular meals.

She said food must be satisfying so needs to include plenty of fat. She says to eat mostly home-cooked food; sit down when eating; eat with others; low stress.

Pay attention to digestion: Swedish bitters, lacto-fermented foods, lemon juice or vinegar in water, beet kvass in morning and evening; ox bile tablets with meals, if needed.  Have plenty of salt; eat the meat with the fat and broth. Properly prepare grains and serve with adequate fat. For serious digestion problems, heal with GAPS.

To eat out in a restaurant, she suggests eating at higher-end restaurants. Order simple foods; put butter on everything; avoid soups (ask if made from bones or a base), salad dressings and fried foods. Avoid stimulants such a coffee, tea, chocolate and soft drinks.

Sally suggests these supplements: cod liver oil and butter oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin B 12. She also suggested boron for joints (said this helped her resolve knee pain):  Mix 1-teaspoon borax in 1 quart of water. Take only 1 tablespoon/day of this boron water mixed with more water.

She said to exercise outside but don’t overdo. Walking is ideal.

Her husband, Jeffrey, suggested having a goal that has nothing to do with health or eating. It keeps you from dwelling on yourself and keeps you looking to the future.

The last slide in the presentation was so beautifully said that I had to quote it here:


Primitive people had a group soul consciousness. They had no choice in the foods they ate, and they knew instinctively what to eat. They had good health without individual effort.

Modern man has progressed to a state of individual consciousness. He has lost his instinctive knowledge and has many food choices and temptations.

The goal is to achieve the perfect health of primitive peoples in full freedom, choosing the right foods with both spirit (mind) and soul (emotions/heart). That is a real accomplishment!!”

Sally also added: “I would also say that you are not acting in full freedom regarding food until your desires and your mind want the same thing, they are not at war. . . . until you get to the point where you just don’t want to eat the foods you know are bad for you.”

WAPF Cooking: Grease, Guts, Bones, Grass, Shoots and Pickles

Annie Dru ( was inspiring, funny and a great teacher!

  • Grease: Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K2
  • Guts: Offal (organs and connective tissue)
  • Bones: It takes bone to build bone; connective tissue to build connective tissue
  • Grass: Raw animal food is essential. It’s safe to consume if the animal was raised on grass/pasture. The sun is the number 1 sterilizing agent on the planet. Enzymes and water-soluble vitamins are denatured by heat (such as B vitamins are important for adrenal function)
  • Shoots: Properly prepare grains. In the past we didn’t ask our bodies to digest gluten ~ the wheat was always fermented. The sourdough process breaks down the gluten. Nuts, seeds and grains, beans need to be properly prepared with moisture, acidity, and time then the anti-nutrients will be neutralized.
  • Pickles: Ferments increase nutrient availability and it breaks down cellulose.

She told a story of her 15-year-old son who had 16 cavities and needed a root canal. She had just read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and suggested they try some of the recommendations. He had a milkshake every morning made with raw cream, raw milk and raw egg yolks and 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil. He had a big mug of bone broth each day and pate once/week. The rest of the time he ate what he wanted.  After a year he didn’t need a root canal!

Her motto is: If the food is the medicine, the meal is the cure. Tasty nourishing food brings family and friends together.

By Karen Hamilton-Roth